Kaizora and Global Autism Project have an on-going partnership with University of Massachusetts, Boston, where clinical director Pooja Panesar recently graduated with her masters degree. Pooja is currently completing her BCBA certification.

Kaizora and Global Autism Project are currently designing research protocols to investigate the perceptions of autism among parents and professionals. Data collection is scheduled to start in January, 2015.

Global Autism Project’s next SkillCorps training trip is scheduled for April, 2014. Goals of this training trip include continued training on data collection and assessment of student progress.


FROM THE FIELD—In Their Own Words

“..When getting money from the ATM today, a woman approached us after seeing the back of our jackets, which had “autism” printed on them in big bold letters. She asked us who we were and what we knew about autism. It was sad because she was being very quiet about it and did not want anyone else to hear. In some parts of Kenya and a lot of other locations in Africa, people try to hide the fact that their child has autism. Children with autism are often viewed as being possessed by the devil. After talking to the woman for a bit, she seemed like a pretty great person who could connect with Pooja for an outreach opportunity!”

- SkillCorps Kenya, August 2012

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