Meeting the Hi5 Centre

By Noor Syed, a member of the current SkillCorps team in Indonesia Yesterday, our first day in Jakarta, was a much needed rest day. I definitely felt like it was needed after traveling for 24 hours (!!), but after meeting with the amazing ladies from Hi5 Centre and... read more

Partner Update from Kenya

By Pooja Panesar   The SkillCorps team has just left after a fantastic 2 week training period. We did so much this trip… as we always do! We worked on increasing the children’s manding skills and a system to follow up (sustainability as the core we follow with... read more

Exciting Things on the Horizon!

Over the last few weeks, things have been ramping up at the Global Autism Project office. Some major things are on the horizon! First off, Modify Watches has extended a unique opportunity for collaboration. Part fundraising, part sassy watches – Modify Watches... read more


By Jacob Sadavoy   Today is the last day at Kaizora; it is bittersweet. I’m disappointed that I will not have the opportunity to assess the effectiveness of the recommended interventions and I will greatly miss collaborating with the staff and playing with... read more

Thirty-five Years Later

By Karen Bennett   35 years ago in 1979, I came to Kenya as a Peace Corps Volunteer.  After a 29 hour Pan Am flight through West Africa, on a plane with approximately 300 volunteers, my first view outside of the airport, was a giraffe standing in the distance. ... read more

Challenge Accepted!

By Cherry Truong   For the past eleven months, the excitement has been bubbling in anticipation for this once in a lifetime opportunity. An opportunity that would not only give me a new perspective on life, but also shed a whole new light on a passion of mine;... read more

Comfort Zoned

By Maddisen Currier   The first moment I knew I was in a little over my head… stepping out of the airport in NYC. The second was praying for my life as the taxi sped around in rush hour traffic, all while taking time to check his messages. I have traveled abroad... read more


I am scrolling through my vocabulary trying to come up with a word to sum up my experience after 3 days in Kenya and, after ten minutes, I concede. In such a short period of time I have experienced a myriad of emotions which has left me contemplative and speechless;... read more

Do a Few Things Better

My experience with the Global Autism Project has taken me more than half way around the world being that I started in Hawaii.  Orientation was in New York, which made going the long way around to Kenya worth it so I could meet my SkillCorps team members.  I also... read more

Making Changes

  Just a warning to any of my close friends who are reading this…I am going to express some “emotions” and “feelings” in this blog post which I know is uncharacteristic of me, but traveling with SkillCorps does some weird, amazing things to a person.   As... read more

Excursion Weekend in India

By Jennifer Jaye   Each morning since our team landed in Delhi, the first ten seconds of every morning, after I’ve woken up, I’ve had a recurring thought – “I can’t believe I’m in India!” Yesterday morning, after basking in the excitement of that reminder, I got... read more