By Sara Costello, Director of International Partnerships at Global Autism Project On all of my SkillCorps trips and all of my adventures, I have never encountered a group of people that can make me laugh as long and as hard as this. I am thankful for the measurable... read more

New Family

by Amy Pulliam, a member of the SkillCorps January 2016 team During orientation in NYC, each team member had to pick three words we wanted to be on this trip that we felt we had difficulties with previously. “Sociable” was one of my words. I’m... read more

Wrapping Up

By Jordan Haefling, a member of the SkillCorps Kenya 2016 team This past week and a half has been one that I honestly cannot describe. We’ve had amazing days and we’ve had some confusing days but, overall, we have had an incredible time here. While we have... read more

Culture Shock

by Danielle Ortiz, a member of the SkillCorps Kenya January 2016 team In the states I have become so ingrained in my day to day schedule that any out of the norm event causes me to become Anxiety Girl. I can jump from calm to anxiety in three seconds. Thus I signed up... read more


by Sara Costello, Director of International Partnerships This is my 10th SkillCorps trip. Each trip has been inspiring and enlightening in their own way — and each SkillCorps trip has spurred on my growth as a clinician and helped me to transform my clinical... read more

Spreading the Word

By Amy Pulliam, a member of the SkillCorps Kenya January 2016 team So, I’m going to start with a cliché. “My eyes have been opened.” I began this journey with the knowledge that autism awareness isn’t as widespread in many parts of the world as it is in the states. I... read more

Comfort Zones

By Jordan Haefling, a member of the current SkillCorps team in Kenya During our orientation in New York, we as a team participated in a comfort zone exercise. We discussed things as simple as “how comfortable do you feel not wearing a seatbelt in a car,”... read more

What Happens When You Unplug

by Ksenia Kravtchenko, a member of the SkillCorps team currently in Kenya During orientation, our group spent some time talking about our responsibilities and expectations on the upcoming trip. One of the sections in the orientation packet was the importance of... read more

Open Arms

Katie Baker is a member of SkillCorps India, currently in the field. Before my journey with Skillcorps, my most exciting traveling experience was spending a week at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico. As you can imagine, as wonderful as the endless tacos and margaritas... read more

Progress Demonstrated

Freddie Scibelli is a BCBA from Boston, Massachusetts and currently in India with SkillCorps. At first glance, India appeared very mysterious and intriguing. We arrived late night after a very long 14 hour plane ride. After a quick trip to a local hotel in Delhi we... read more

Scheming and Not Leaving

Brittney Paye is a member of the SkillCorps Dominican Republic trip currently in the field. So I realized pretty quickly that I don’t want to leave this place. As the days have passed by I have been keeping a running tally of all the potential jobs I could have here... read more

Who knew so much was possible in two weeks!

Ambar Picazo is a member of the SkillCorps Dominican Republic team, currently in the field! It really is incredible to think how much can happen when motivation meets enthusiasm! I sit here, in this empty therapy room at the Aprendo centre and all I hear around me is... read more